This site provides a variety of materials, from quick references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program.


Below are descriptions of some of the additional training materials that are available online, in print, or on audiovisual media.

Troop Leadership Training (TLT)

Scoutmaster-directed training divided into three modules:
Module One—Introduction to Leadership (Know). Conducted within a week of a Scout's acceptance of his new position, this session focuses on what a leader must know.
Module Two—How to Fulfill Your Role (Be). This session on how to fulfill the role's responsibilities focuses on what a leader must be.
Module Three—What Is Expected of Me? (Do). This session focuses on what a leader must do.

Click here to download the Power Point of Troop Leadership Training (TLT)


National Commissioner's Podcast

Throughout his involvement with Scouting, Tico Perez has worked tirelessly to strengthen the organization in underserved communities. As our new National Commissioner, Tico combines his great talents as a communicator with a desire to bring the best program to every child. Here, in an informal, conversational podcast format Tico and his friends tell us how we can make help bring a quality Scouting experience to more young people than ever.

Click here to listen to these podcasts personally, or share them with others as a training feature. Stimulate discussion by playing a subject of interest or use the entire program as a wrap-up for a better grasp of the subject.


Soccer and Scouting Basic Training

Use this DVD when training coaches and helpers in the BSA's Soccer and Scouting program. It includes a slide show and five video clips in a single presentation. Before beginning, it will be necessary to dowload the Soccer and Scouting Training Syllabus, available on the "resources" page of the Soccer and Scouting Web site,

The DVD, BSA bin number 13-566, is available through local council service centers. Both English and Spanish versions of the training are provided on the same DVD.


Courses at Philmont Training Center

Serving as the only national volunteer training center for the Boy Scouts of America since 1950, the Philmont Training Center (PTC) provides a unique environment for the training of volunteer and professional leaders. Each year, more than 6,000 Scouters and family members attend PTC.

Click here for more information about the training center, including a listing of courses and dates.